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IIIC Medal Lecture and
Annual Membership Meeting

October 8, 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal

IIIC Medal Lecture by David F. Chang:
"Lessons from the World´s Greatest Team of Cataract Surgeons"

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Event Registration

11th Biannual IIIC Retreat 2017

March 2017 – Argentina

All bookings for the 11th IIIC Retreat have to be made online and must be accompanied by payment.
We accept MasterCard and Visa only. Should you require a booking with a different credit card, please contact the Executive Director.

Name of Retreat Participant(s)

(required, one line per person)


Please select your member number here so that we can issue a detailed receipt.

1. Registration Fee - € 300 per person

The registration fee covers the welcome reception and administrative fees.
It has to be paid by all participants and accompanying persons.

If you are planning to participate with 3 or more persons, please make sure to book a second room at each hotel! We do not validate your purchase for correct input.

2. Flights

You are responsible for booking your flights directly with the respective airlines.

When planning your trip, please consider that Buenos Aires has two airports, Ministro Pistarini (EZE) at Ezeiza and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP). By car, it takes about 45 minutes but in heavy traffic it may be 2 hours or more. You should therefore plan on a minimum transfer time between flights of 3-4 hours.

Should you plan to attend the retreat in Mendoza only, you may either fly to Buenos Aires and connect there to Mendoza (remember that this may require an airport change! There are just a few flights to Mendoza from EZE). You may also fly to Santiago, the capital of Chile, airport-code SCL, and connect there to another international flight to Mendoza, Argentina, airport code MDZ. The flight from SCL to MDZ takes about one hour.

Within Argentina, the following non-stop flights are available on March 3, 2017. We suggest that you do not arrive later than 18:30 in Mendoza, as the official dinner starts at 20:00. The best flights should therefore be AR 2422 or AR 2466.

Buenos Aires - Mendoza, March 3, 2017:
Airport  Departure  Flight number  Airport  Arrival
AEP04:40LA 4240MDZ06:35
AEP05:55AR 1406MDZ07:50
EZE06:45AR 2464MDZ08:43
AEP07:10AR 2530MDZ09:05
AEP08:00AR 1402MDZ09:55
AEP09:10AR 2412MDZ11:05
EZE11:25AR 2416MDZ13:23
AEP14:00AR 2422MDZ15:55
AEP16:35AR 2466MDZ18:30
AEP17:25AR 1410MDZ19:20
AEP18:20LA 4248MDZ20:15
AEP19:50AR 1408MDZ21:45
AEP20:35LA 4252MDZ22:30
AEP21:50AR 1408MDZ24:45
Mendoza - Bariloche, March 3, 2017:
There are no scheduled non-stop flights from Mendoza to Bariloche.
You may either book your individual flight, which will typically take you there via Buenos Aires, or you may book a seat on the charter plane below.
We have chartered two 19-seat turboprops, which will depart Mendoza around 12:00 and arrive in Bariloche around 14:00. Individual tickets are sold at a price of Euro 900,-. Tickets are non-refundable unless they can be sold again.
Please secure your seat soon!

Bariloche - Buenos Aires, March 10, 2017:
Please remember that Buenos Aires has two airports!
AEP is close to the city, EZE is the international one.
Plan your travel accordingly as both airports are served from Bariloche (BRC).
Airport  Departure  Flight number  Airport  Arrival
BRC12:53LA 44341AEP14:34
BRC14:20LA 4345AEP16:19
BRC14:55AR 1689AEP16:58
BRC15:55AR 1679EZE18:00
BRC16:05AR 2630AEP19:35
BRC17:55AR 1685EZE20:00
BRC18:15LA 4347AEP20:14
BRC18:30AR 1677AEP20:33
BRC20:35AR 1691AEP22:38
BRC21:35AR 1683AEP23:38
BRC23:00LA 4355AEP01:59 (next day)

3. Your Stay in Buenos Aires

3.1. Book Your Room at Alvear Palace Hotel

Arrival March 1, departure March 3, 2017
Price shown is the total for 2 nights (per room, single or double occupancy).

3.2. Private Dinner and Tango Performance

Wednesday, March 1
€ 200 per person

3.3. Tour to Puesto Viejo, Estancia and Polo Club

Thursday, March 2
€ 210 per person - Includes reception, lunch, drinks and Destrezas Gauchas performance.

4. Your Stay in Mendoza

4.1. Book Your Room at Hotel Park Hyatt

Arrival March 3, departure March 7, 2017
Prices shown are the total for 4 nights (per room, single or double occupancy).

4.2. Dinner at Dr. Zaldivar's Home

Friday, March 3
All participants. No extra charge, but registration is required.

4.3. Harvest Festival

Saturday, March 4
€ 90 per person - All participants. Boxed dinner and drinks included.

4.4. City Tour

Sunday, March 5
€ 60 per person - Spouses only.

4.5. Wine Tasting and Dinner

Sunday, March 5
€ 80 per person - All participants. Includes transfer, dinner and drinks.

4.6. Tour to Winery Casa El Enemigo and Atelier Sergio Roggerone

Monday, March 6
€ 90 per person - Spouses only. Includes transfer, wine tasting and drinks.

4.7. Farewell-Dinner at Q Grill

Monday, March 6
€ 80 per person - All participants. Includes food and drinks.

5. Your Stay at Bariloche

5.1. Book Your Room at Hotel Llao Llao

Arrival March 7, departure March 10, 2017
Prices shown are the total for 3 nights (per room, single or double occupancy).

If you experience any problems with the payment process,

please contact the IIIC Webmaster.

Cancellation policy
The following cancellation charges (for all bookings, incl. registration fee) apply if rooms cannot be sold again:
Cancellations prior to September 1, 2016: 25%
Cancellations between September 1 and December 1, 2016: 50%
Cancellations after December 1, 2016: 100%

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